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Sergio Márquez Project Manager & Researcher
Sergio Márquez

Project Manager


Sergio has worked for more than 10 years as a project manager in R&D research, coordinating more than 25 international research projects integrating technologies such as IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities or Smart Textiles. He has a PhD in Computer Engineering, BEng in Industrial Engineering, Executive MBA by EAE and MSc in IoT & Smart Cities. He considers himself a lover of entrepreneurship and IoT technology.

Jorge Herrera

Chief Hardware 


Jorge Herrera is a dedicated Ph.D. candidate and accomplished Electronic Engineer who co-founded 360 Systems SL. Specializing in hardware design, ARM microcontrollers, and IoT, Jorge brings a wealth of expertise to any team. His strong background in electronic engineering and passion for cutting-edge technology makes him a valuable asset in driving innovation and success.


Jordi Soler

Chief Marketing 


Jordi Soler is an experienced Community Manager and cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2012. His passion for technology and innovation in the financial space has led him to develop skills in managing online communities and promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects. Jordi is known for his ability to create engaging and educational content, as well as fostering commitment and participation among community members. With his extensive knowledge of the crypto ecosystem, Jordi has been a valuable member of various blockchain project teams, helping to expand their reach and establish solid connections in the industry.
Alfonso Cuervo

Chief Hardware

Alfonso has a Master’s in Finance and an Executive MBA from Fundesem + IE (Instituto de Empresa). He owns several industrial patents for water-saving in Europe and the USA, as well as other patents for different applications against Legionella, mining, and firefighting. He is the founder and manager of AquaReturn, a company that brought the “AquaReturn” home appliance for water and energy saving to the market. He has received numerous awards and recognitions for his innovative invention.

Carlos Navarro

Chief Financial Officier

Carlos Navarro is an experienced Investment Advisor at Renta 4 Bank, specializing in financial planning and blockchain technologies. With a deep understanding of the financial market, Carlos excels at providing strategic investment guidance to clients, ensuring their financial goals are met. As a valuable team member, Carlos’s expertise in both traditional finance and emerging blockchain technologies helps drive innovation and success within the organization.

Save water, promote social justice. Traceability guarantees water quality standards.
Alberto Rodríguez

Computer engineer | Blockchain specialist | Business consultant

Alberto is a computer engineer with a solid background in Blockchain technology and business consulting in the banking sector. He has training in various technologies and sectors: Master in Blockchain (University of Salamanca), Master in Business Consulting (ICADE), MBA in International Management (ICEX-CECO). Thanks to his studies and his 5 years of business experience, Alberto has a comprehensive vision of the business and technologies that AquaSave needs.

Save water, preserve our ecosystem. Cryptocurrency incentivizes responsible water consumption.
Marta Plaza Hernández

Sustainability manager

BSc in Physics by the University of Salamanca, MSc in Environmental Management by Brunel University London, MSc in Smart Cities by the University of Salamanca.
She works as a project manager in the BISITE research group, while developing her PhD studies in intelligent applications to industrial and environmental problems. She has worked as a researcher at the Instituto de Estudios de la Ciencia y la Tecnología (ECYT) and the Institute of Environment, Health and Societies (Brunel University London). She also works as a content creator for university courses and masters and collaborates in the organisation of international conferences and events.

Cryptocurrency incentivizes responsible water consumption. Traceability empowers consumers to choose wisely.
Rosvando Marques Gonzaga.

Embedded Firmware Engineer

MBA in Project Management with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering and experience in Power Distribution Systems, Diesel/Gas Power Generators, Smart Grids, and IoT. Skilled in Automatic Transfer Boards, Controllers for Generator Sets, PLCs, Distributed Energy Resources, and Embedded Electronic Systems. Also experienced in Industry 4.0.

Cryptocurrency funds water infrastructure projects. Blockchain water monitoring prevents contamination.
Eugenia Pérez Pons

Senior Data Analyst

PhD in computer engineering from the university of salamanca and currently working as senior data analyst for ikea’s global hub. International experience and more than 10 years of experience in different multinationals. In recent years she has collaborated in the creation of content in data science and analytics subjects at the Unir.

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