The project​

AquaSave’s mission is to create a sustainable water and environmental ecosystem by utilizing the power of IoT devices and Blockchain technology, along with active participation from users. With the ultimate goal of minimising water consumption and waste, and promoting the implementation of successful policies across diverse contexts.

Blockchain water management promotes equity. Save water, save lives too.


AquaSave's ecosystem revolves around its cutting-edge IoT devices.

These devices monitor various parameters to provide precise and real-time insights into water quality and condition.
Also, users can receive rewards while actively contributing to the improvement of our planet.

AquaBank is a revolutionary household appliance that fits under the sink, providing significant water and energy savings while promoting environmental sustainability.

AquaBank’s key features include its ability to

  • Save up to 40,000 liters of water per household annually
  • Real-time information consumption data
  • Recommendations on efficient water and energy use
  • Early detection of water leaks
  • AQC Rewards


Securely and anonymously integrates all relevant data collected by AquaBank devices for Data Analysis

Cryptocurrency rewards eco-friendly water practices.Traceability enhances transparency in water use.

The platform utilizes Big Data and Machine Learning techniques to generate real-time reports and consumption statistics.
Furthermore, a global map explorer displays information on all of the planet’s water resources, including consumption data and devices.
This enables well-informed decision-making and promotes sustainable water management practices.

Traceability enhances transparency in water use. Blockchain water networks secure supply.
Blockchain water networks secure supply. Blockchain water management promotes equity.


Ensures the authenticity and origin of data collected anonymously.

The reliability and immutability of data, coupled with the incentivization of users through a cryptocurrency token, reward users for their data, resulting in a greater return on investment.

AquaSave use two blockchain networks:
Polygon for rewarding users with cryptocurrency tokens based on OpenZ, ERC-20 and ERC-225 (NFTs) standards, and Alastria for data hashing.


Users receive AQC Tokens and NFTs as a reward for their data contribution.

AquaSave’s NFTs and AQC offer users access to exclusive bonuses and benefits across the water ecosystem. These unique tokens also enable investment in sustainable projects, further promoting responsible water management practices.

Blockchain water tracking prevents fraud.


Traceability enhances transparency in water use. Save water, preserve our ecosystem.