Type 1

This license enables upgrading the devices of the project’s partner brands to acquire the capabilities within the AquaSave network receiving AQS rewards in return for data streams.

Type 2​

Type 2 permits the connection of AquaBank devices to the AquaSave network, receiving AQC rewards in return for data streams.


AquaBank ​

An innovative small-sized device located under the sink, which recirculates water through the pipes until it reaches the appropriate temperature, generating significant savings in both water and energy and thus making a great impact on the environment.

Additionally, it is the first solution conceived as an IoT device capable of reporting efficient water and energy usage behaviors and allowing early detection of water leaks.

AquaSave App

With the AquaSave App, you will be able to set up everything you need, control your AquaBank and track its activity

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Receive live updates and monitor water usage for proactive management.
  • Water Tracking: Track key health-related factors for ensuring safer water.
  • Instant Insights: Easily view water savings, historical data, and changes in water consumption.
  • Ecological Impact: Effortlessly monitor your ecological impact, carbon footprint, or water footprint.
  • Remote Device Management: Includes voice control, configuration of hours of use, temperature, and much more.
  • Aquasave Wallet: Manage Aquacoins with a digital wallet, facilitating various in-app transactions.
  • Water Efficiency Tips: Get practical advice on how to optimise water use and increase efficiency.


AquaPlatform is a data visualization global solution that simplifies water management by providing real-time information and presenting clear and accessible results for efficient and sustainable decision-making.

Furthermore, AquaPlatform enables collaboration between key sectors, thereby fostering innovation and the adoption of sustainable and water-conscious future practices. Personalized recommendations

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