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AquaBank: The Innovative Device Revolutionizing Water and Energy Consumption at Home

The AquaBank device is a central component of the AquaSave project and represents a significant advancement in managing water and energy consumption in the home. This small-sized IoT device is installed under the sink and has the ability to monitor, process, encrypt, and communicate real-time water consumption and water quality data.

One of the main functions of AquaBank is to recirculate water through the pipes until it reaches the appropriate temperature. This prevents the waste of cold water while waiting for hot water to reach the tap, which can result in savings of up to 40,000 liters of water per household per year. Moreover, by reincorporating lukewarm water into the heater, AquaBank also saves energy, translating into economic and environmental benefits for users.
AquaBank is designed to be easy to install without the need for major construction work or significant modifications to the home’s infrastructure. Additionally, the device communicates wirelessly with the AquaSaveApp mobile app, which allows users to view their water consumption in real-time, configure device operation, and manage their rewards in the form of AQS tokens.

Other notable features of AquaBank include the ability to automatically close the hot water tap if left open, preventing water and energy waste. The device also helps detect early water leaks, allowing for a quick response and the prevention of more significant damage to the home.

In summary, the AquaBank device is an essential component of the AquaSave project that revolutionizes the way we manage water and energy consumption in our homes. By providing real-time information and offering practical solutions to reduce water waste, AquaBank is a valuable tool for tackling the growing water crisis and promoting a more sustainable future.

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